Dinah-Guarino-and-Carmella Ginny-Grove-and-Brio Karen-Steffy-and-Katie Kathy-Thode-and-Brookside-Patch Donna-Canfield-and-Kathy-Thode Carol-Morris-and-Galeno-el-Mateo- Kathy-Thode-and-Connie-O'Hearn-Pas-de-Deux Anne-Ward-and-Legato Darleen-Callahan-and-Petit-Chanson Cindy-Bradley-and-Lawrence Connie-O'Hearn-and-Benicia Susan-Mulvey-and-Donna-Canfield Cindy-Mancini-and-Avelene's-Draco,-owned-by-Karen-Steffy Charity-Dressage-Show-Gale-Wolfe-and-Bieke Donna-Young-and-Crystal-Gaskell Kathy-Thode-and-Brookside-Patch CDCT-Regognized-Show-2011-Dinah-Guarino-6-and-Carmella- Carol-VanEpps-&-Take-Me-To-Paris CDCT-Recognized-Show-2011-Ginny-Grove-and-Brio-2 Emily-Blade-on-Night-of-Desire Gale-Wolfe-and-Beike-500 Darleen-Callahan-and-Adel-Adrianne-2 Gale-Wolfe-and-Beike-sled.-500
Dinah Guarino and Carmella
Ginny Grove and Brio
Karen Steffy and Katie
Kathy Thode and Brookside Patch
Donna Canfield and Kathy Thode
Carol Morris and Galeno el Mateo
Kathy Thode and Connie O'Hearn Pas de Deux
Anne Ward and Legato
Darleen Callahan and Petit Chanson
Cindy Bradley and Lawrence
Connie O'Hearn and Benicia
Susan Mulvey and Donna Canfield
Cindy Bradley and Avelene's Draco, owned by Karen Steffy
2010 CDCT Charity Dressage Show Gale Wolfe and Bieke
Donna Young and Crystal Gaskell
Kathy Thode and Brookside Patch
CDCT Regognized Show 2011 Dinah Guarino and Carmella
2010 Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show Carol VanEpps and Take Me To Paris
CDCT Recognized Show 2011 Ginny Grove and Brio
2005 CDCT Casual Show Emily Blade on Night of Desire
Gale Wolfe and Beike
CDCT Recognized Show 2011 Darleen Callahan and Adel Adrianne
Gale Wolfe and Beike Sled