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Dressage in Wine Country

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Dressage in Wine Country I & II are held on consecutive days at the Chemung County Fairgrounds in Horseheads, NY.  Dressage in Wine Country for 2019 features two USDF Recognized Show back to back. Each day's show is pinned individually, allowing competitors to earn points to year end awards on both dates.  Here are the results for Saturday and Sunday.  

One of the things that makes Dressage in Wine Country special is the numerous member inspired and donated awards.  Each award comes with a special ribbon and a basket conceived and contributed by the club member.  These prizes include everything from the Unicorn Award to the Ride from Hell.  In 2019, our special awards include, but are not limited to, because of member imagination: Fifty Shades of Bay, High Score Maiden Voyage at a Recognized Show, High Score First Level Adult Amateur, High Score OTTB, High Score Youth, High Score Vintage Rider, Sportsmanship Award, Best Turnout, High Score Friesian, High Score Draft or Draft Cross, Youngest Rider to Enter at "A", OTTB Youth Award, High Score Morgan, High Score Musical Freestyle, High Score Iberian or Iberian Cross, High Score Pony, High Score Home Bred, Horse of a Breed from Ireland, Life is Better with Friends, Best Turned Out Horse.

2019 Awards are:

  • Friends (Adult) - Holly Parker and Kourtney Korczak

  • Friends (Youth) - Kait Webster and Taylor Wittrock

  • OTTB - Sarah Hepler and Jacapo

  • Pony - Dinah Guarino and WMS Laurel's Shining Star

  • 50 Shades of Bay - Dan Schubmehl and Tinkerbell Z

  • Grade/Unregistered - Sarah Averill and Samwise

  • Best Turnout - Prin Furst and Supremely Lit Image;
    honorable mention - Carly Starkey and Theopieofmyeye
    and Andrea Lytle and Anenome's Accomplice YES

  • Vintage Rider - Kathy Thode and Kazimir

  • Homebred - Holly Parker and Furst Domina

  • Norwegian Fjord - Patricia Shadduck and Hanah Geertje

  • Morgan/Cross - Robin McNabb and Chandelle Hi Tesseract

  • Hanoverian - Susan Mulvey and Beowulff WW

  • Draft - Taylor Wittrock and Carbondale Cole

  • Iberian Horse - Kait Webster and Diana LL

  • British Isle - Carol Morris and Nitrox

  • Irish Breed - Jennifer Tracey and Diamond High Time

  • Youngest Youth - Taylor Wittrock

  • Youth Sportsmanship - Taylor Wittrock

  • Triple Crown Youth - Alyssa Teresi

  • High Score First Level - Holly Parker and Furst Domina

  • High Score Second Level - Dinah Guarino and WMS Laurel's Shining Star

  • Youth High Point - Sophie Gardner and Slane Iceman.

Every year, we receive wonderful donations to support the show from our very generous donors.  We can't thank you enough!  Please join us in supporting them!

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