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CDCT, Inc. is a USDF Group Member Organization.

Activities sponsored by CDCT include a variety of shows, horse trials, mounted and unmounted clinics, films, speakers, and social events. These are produced by volunteer work from our members.

Membership Benefits: Dues cover your USDF group membership, USDF and CDCT newsletters, and discount at club-sponsored events, except as limited by USDF and AHSA. Members also receive the Collected Notes (Monthly CDCT newsletter) and can place classified ads in this newsletter at no charge.

Membership Dues

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Dues are renewed each November 1.

To apply, simply complete the CDCT Membership Application Form and submit it as indicated on the membership form.  Please contact Lauren Ostergren with any questions.


Volunteers are what make any club or association work. They are the key ingredient to successful shows and other events.

There are many ways you can help us as a volunteer, from being a sponsor to helping run our events. It is a rewarding experience, and an excellent way to spend time around horses and knowledgeable horse riders and trainers.

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Members at Large

Jane-Marie Law (past president)

Tina Matejka ('19)

Dinah Guarino ('19)

Bettina Wagner ('19)
Jana Wagner ('20)
Gale Wolfe ('20)
Connie O’Hearn ('19)
Sarah Hepler (20)

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2019 Committees

New committees will be forming in January of 2019. Here are the previous year's committees  Please join us at our planning meeting at 10:30 am on Sunday, January 13 for yoga for riders (in other words, how to stretch out our tight muscles from riding!), brunch and some fun!  Location: 16 Muriel St., Ithaca, NY.  Contact Jane Marie Law at for more information.

Committees that we will form:



Casual Show 

Recognized Show

Combined Training

Western Dressage


CDCT Library


USDF “The Lower Levels with Olympians”

USDF “On The Levels — 2010 Intro A through 4th Level (2 discs)

CDCT “Sons of the Wind Classical Dressage Demonstration” April 4, 2009

CDCT “Sons of the Wind Exhibition “ April 6, 2013

CDCT “Sons of the Wind Young Riders Clinic” Disc 1, 2, & 3

Susanne Von Dietze “Balance in Movement, The Seat of the Rider”

Dressage Monthly video magazine – Various Topics

Core-ect Yoga for Riders

Pilates for Riders

VHS Tapes

Dressage for Juniors and Young Riders

1991 A HAS Dressage Test Training to 2nd Level

2 Eventing Tapes

Reiner Klimke: The Dressage Training

“Common Sense Dressage” by Sally O’Connor

“Dressage Essentials” by Jane Kidd

“Dressage Insights” by Kathy Connelly and Marietta Whittlesey

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